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Zhuo Yi aluminum enterprises to strengthen safety education and training

2016-12-22 16:00:42 admin Viewd 614

In order to further improve the fire safety awareness of employees, popularize knowledge of fire safety, July 19, 2016 at 13:30 PM, Zhejiang Zhuo Yi company hired a professional fire teacher in the company conference room on the above workshop team leader management personnel for the fire safety knowledge training. Lecture teacher explained in detail the scope of application of various types of fire extinguishers, precautions, and on-site demonstration of the use of several fire extinguishing equipment.

Through the fire safety month of training, the staff not only learn Zhuoyi aluminum fire safety knowledge, improve fire safety awareness, more important is to enhance the ability to resist fire and respond to emergencies, to prevent accidents, ensure the safety of enterprises laid a solid foundation.


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