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Company profile

Zhejiang Zhuoyi Aluminum Co. Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Jiaxing Huzhou hinterland of Tongxiang city of Zhejiang Province, was founded in March 2011, and formally put into operation in July 2013. The company covers an area of 90 acres, a building area of more than 20 thousand square meters, the company in 2015 by the national high-tech enterprise management work leading group as a national high-tech enterprises, certificate number: GR201533000579, the company has been recognized as high tech SMEs in Zhejiang Province, technology center, Jiaxing City high-tech enterprises in Jiaxing city research and development center.

The company is mainly engaged in the production of aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, the main energy-saving environmental protection door and window building profiles and the production of high-end aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Industrial Aluminum Alloy profile Zhuoyi aluminum production has been involved in the more than and 10 areas of the automotive, furniture, electrical appliances, field engineering, machinery exhibition, radiator, etc., the company joined the refined products, mainly Aluminum Alloy racks, Aluminum Alloy ladder, self assembled portable Aluminum Alloy exhibition system and other products, in addition the company also produces the appearance of novel and material saving and meets the requirements of the national energy-saving doors and windows profiles.

Company has staff of more than 350 people, including sales, research and development and quality management personnel have more than 40 people. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment, the company has 660 tons, 1000 tons, 1320 extrusion production line 6, large anodizing production line (for light oxidation, oxidation, alkali sand sand acid oxidation, sandblasting), electrophoretic coating profiles of two production lines, but also has the domestic advanced color electrophoresis production line, large electrostatic powder spraying production line two (with 16 automatic rifle, Swiss gold automatic powder center, oven 76 meters, up to the chain speed 3.5m/min), vacuum grain production line two, equipped with a plurality of strip and plastic injection type insulation material production line.

Companies in strict accordance with the quality of products "GB5237.1~6 aluminum alloy construction profiles" classification standards and the "GB/T6892 general industrial aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profiles" product quality standards for the implementation of. Company to "integrity quality brand" for the purpose of advanced production technology, excellent product quality, perfect customer service , the performance of the company soared, the products have been sold in dozens of large Zhuo Yi City Chinese. And won the national quality trust products, the Chinese famous brand, China aluminum industry, such as the honorary title of the top ten brands.

Zhuo Yi aluminum since its inception, adhere to the science and technology innovation as the main driving force for technological progress, the focus of industrial development, attaches great importance to the role of market orientation and technology innovation and profit supporting role, accelerate the development and operation of the project optimization. Company in the work of independent research and development and cooperation with foreign countries, the introduction of combination of promotion and digestion and absorption, and supporting the combination of grafting and renovation, and actively cultivate technology to support new capacity, increase technical reserves. Through independent research, development of new technology Aluminum Alloy color electrophoresis technology and Aluminum Alloy imitation steel processing and other mechanical equipment, and a number of traditional transformation, nearly three years to obtain more than 20 patents, the leading core of the high-tech products, the core has completely independent intellectual property rights.

Zhuo Yi can provide high-grade aluminum oxide for customers (acid oxidation, oxidation, alkali sand sand blasting of stainless steel oxidation, oxidation, coloring (plain) gold, imitation steel, copper imitation, black, champagne, bronze), especially the oxidation of industrial profiles, industrial production of aluminum oxide material Zhuoyi has smooth surface, clean, spotless, characteristics of film stability, excellent corrosion resistance, by the praise of customers, many customers who come in a throng to discuss cooperation matters. In order to meet the needs of industrial material deep processing needs of customers (such as automobile industry, CNC, electrical appliances, furniture), the company set up a processing workshop, with cars, milling, planing, milling, drilling, welding, pliers and other processing, provide all in one service for customers, to avoid the deep processing and another cause of surface treatment problems, a reduced transportation cost, but also greatly shorten the delivery time.

At present, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and comprehensively improve the quality of the enterprises, strengthen cost control, to accelerate the flow of funds, and achieve energy saving, reducing consumption and pollution and environment friendly. The company's management, the implementation of a comprehensive information management system, from procurement, production, sales, delivery and quality inspection to the human resources management and financial management system using ERP complete, greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to make a positive contribution for the enterprise to achieve maximum benefit.

"Thatcher, otherworldly", Zhejiang Zhuo Yi Aluminum Co. Ltd. has become Aluminum Alloy profile industry Zhuoyi aluminum, the bright younger generation, will be full of vigor and vitality, with more young attitude, full of passion, make efforts, pioneering, innovation, success and innovation of a better tomorrow.

Main energy-saving environmental protection door and window building profiles and the production of high-end aluminum alloy industrial profiles.