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"Zhuo Yi" was awarded the title of Jiaxing famous trademark

2016-12-22 15:59:49 admin Viewd 615

As a kind of intellectual property rights, trademark has become a powerful driving force for enterprises to develop and promote the development of market economy. 2016 Jiaxing famous trademark review has been completed by the Jiaxing municipal market authority review Zhejiang Zhuo Yi Aluminum Co., Ltd. trademark "Zhuo Yi" was recommended as a well-known trademark in Jiaxing.

Zhejiang Zhuoyi Aluminum Co. Ltd. since its inception, has been actively create their own brand image and product, increase brand promotion efforts through brand development, product packaging design, network marketing, brochures, exhibitions, outdoor advertising and other ways, build the core values of "Zhuo Yi" brand, and then rely on brand awareness, constantly pioneering spirit, improve product quality, increase the added value of the products, consolidate the existing market share and expand market share, occupy the dominant position in the competition.

Main energy-saving environmental protection door and window building profiles and the production of high-end aluminum alloy industrial profiles.