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To all employees:

Zhejiang Zhuo Yi Aluminum Co., ltd.. In the selection and competition, we form a new team, you have become a member of our team, a new team, new mission, new hope. I sincerely wish that we ride the wind and waves in the spring tide of market economy, and move forward. I sincerely hope that we can form a strong cohesion, unity and cooperation, common development. The company will provide each employee to create a relaxed, harmonious, competitive and innovative work environment, constantly strive to better pursue overall and individual performance, which can give full play to each person's work potential. I sincerely hope that we can form strong creativity, forge ahead, explore innovation. All the staff at work, with positive thoughts, open mind and good working attitude, innovation and development of ideas, innovation of the mode of economic growth, improve the company's corporate culture, forming a unique spirit of enterprise, continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, for the Zhejiang Zhuo Yi company bigger and stronger and make new contribution.

The company is proud of you and will grow with you. Let us work together to create brilliant tomorrow. Share with employees!



Chairman: Shen Jianshan

October 2016

Main energy-saving environmental protection door and window building profiles and the production of high-end aluminum alloy industrial profiles.