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Zhuo Yi aluminum household products included in this year's science and technology R & D projects

2016-12-22 16:03:43 admin Viewd 606

Zhejiang Zhuoyi company attaches great importance to scientific and technological research and development work, in 2016 set up a special processing workshop, research and development of sunroof, solar frame, solar photovoltaic products such as automobile bearing bracket, bracket. Recently, Aluminum Alloy Home Furnishing series products has been included in the company science and technology research and development program, this series of products include: automatic home racks, folding clothes hanger, ironing board, ladder and a series of household products, product development after the success of the company will by Taobao, Tmall, WeChat, store and other channels to seize the market, expand famous to further enhance the development of performance.

Main energy-saving environmental protection door and window building profiles and the production of high-end aluminum alloy industrial profiles.